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We have so much to products and service, before, during and after purchase.
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A Guide to the Product Ranges

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Designed by chefs, for chefs, and with the serious domestic cook in mind, the 'Apollo' by demeyere range cooks exceptionally well on all cooker tops, including the newer induction cookers. The body of the pan is made from a thick 18/10 stainless steel, which has the unique 'Silvinox' treatment giving it a completely non-tarnishable surface for many years. The base is a thermal lamination giving optimum heat spread and retention. Long handles are in oval section, firmly welded, comfortable and stay-cool. Casserole, handles are in thick solid stainless steel. Flat professional style lids. Certain items are made from a 7 ply material - see separate section below.

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The very latest Demeyere range, launched August 2002. It sports heavy gauge stainless steel with the unique 'Silvinox®' surface treatment to guarantee a satin finsih with no tarnishing - ever! And the 'Inductoseal®' base is a steel/copper/steel sandwich, welded on to the side of the pan to preserve the heat evenly. Rims are 'easy pour'.

Frying Pans, Dutch Ovens and Sauté pans are made from 7 ply material all round the pan, yes, including up the sides. Larger peieces of meat or fish can be cooked in the frying pans whilst delicate sauces can be precisely managed with the controlled all-round heat.

Handles are made from cast stainless steel, with the Demeyere credential stamped on them. they stay cool, are hygenic, with no rivets or or edges to trap germs.


'Mistral' by demeyere is a very state-of-the-art range combining functionality with elegance. made to look beautiful in kitchen surrounding, to be robust for everyday use and and yet to cook with the fine tuning required for the most delicate recipés. It has a very fine, highly polished surface. The bases are an encapsulated (uniquely hermetically sealed) copper/stainless steel construction. This gives rapid, even heating on any kind of cooker surface. Handles are as for 'Apollo'. Lids are a raised style with thick, solid stainless steel handle. Certain items are made from a 7 ply material - see separate section below.

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'Sirocco' by demeyere is of the same body construction as 'Mistral' but the handles are something very special. made from cast stainless steel in shapes not possible by conventional stainless steel handle forming, this is truly the most beautiful range. It cooks exactly the same as 'Mistral'. Cast stainless steel handles are exceptionally good at not conducting heat, so they will be always comfortable in normal use. Lids are a flat professional style with a handle that stays no more that comfortably warm when simmering for long periods. A real kitchen enhancement and a cooking delight. Certain items are made from a 7 ply material - see separate section below.
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Products Made From 7 Ply Material

Certain recipés are best suited to cookware constructed to allow even heating from the base to the top of the sides of the pan. That's why 7 ply material cookware was produced. Not only does it achieve all round cooking, but gives the greatest temperarture control. Fine sauces, for example can be cooked to perfection with no worries.

For this purpose we offer the bowl shaped sauté pans and dutch ovens. In addition, the professional frying pans made of the same material, offer this control, but are very useful for those larger than pan base sized fish and steaks etc. They can be placed up the gently sloping sides of the frying pans to give you more cooking space than in conventional frying pans.

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