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Category 2 ArrowApollo Casseroles - Stockpots - Dutch Ovens
Category 3 ArrowApollo Frying-Pancake-Universal Pans
Category 4 ArrowApollo Saucepans and Sauteuses
Category 5 ArrowApollo Steamers and Pasta Inserts
Category 6 ArrowApollo Woks and Stirfrys
Category 7 ArrowAtlantis Casseroles and Stockpots
Category 8 ArrowAtlantis Professional Frying Pans
Category 9 ArrowAtlantis Saucepans and Sauteuse
Category 10 ArrowLids - All ranges
Category 11 ArrowMistral Casseroles Stockpots and Dutch Ovens
Category 12 ArrowMistral Professional Frying Pans
Category 13 ArrowMistral Saucepans and Sauteuses
Category 14 ArrowMistral Steamer and Pasta Inserts
Category 15 ArrowPressure Cookers and Accessories
Category 16 ArrowSirocco Casseroles and Stockpots and Dutch Oven
Category 17 ArrowSirocco Professional Frying Pans
Category 18 ArrowSirocco Saucepans and Sauteuses
Category 19 ArrowSirocco Steamer and Pasta Inserts
Category 20 ArrowSpecial Items

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Knowledge, Experience and Skill
Cookware and cooking have been the expertise of Frank Picken, the owner, for many years. He has a long association with the cookware industry. His input into all aspects of the development of modern cookware, is extensive. He has been chairman of the Vitreous Enamel Development Council, member of the British Cookware Manufacturers Association, and was much of the inspiration for the set up and running of the Cookshop and Housewares Association. Frank achieved the coveted 'Excellence in Housewares' award, the highest for the industry.

He is also a hands-on man and has demonstrated his skills as a cook all over the UK. Cooking on the newer induction hobs has become his speciality in recent years.

His association with the Demeyere company over 29 years is something of which he is very proud. Demeyere, a company never known for sacrificing quality for price, has the finest stainless steel cookware available and a service record second to none.

His personal advice and help is always readily to hand, by phone, fax or email.

The Picture shows the three pressure cookers available, 4.5 Ltr., 6.5 Ltr., and 8.5 Ltr. See Pressure Cookers in the Catalogue Listing.

All Things For All Cooks
Whether it is saucepans, casseroles, steamers and frying pans for your everyday cooking, or maslin (preserve) pans, mussel pots, asparagus cookers, pasta pots and crêpe pans for the more adventurous, we can provide them all.

You may be into pressure cookers. We do these too in three sizes, and with steamers to fit. The 7 ply ranges of bowl shaped sauté pans (sauteuse), professional frying pans and dutch ovens need to be cooked in to be believed. Food tastes better, energy is saved and cleaning is so easy. Oh! I nearly forgot, an almost indestructable (in normal usage) non-stick range of frying pans, 'Duraglide', that you can scour with metal household scourers.

Everything is suitable for gas, electric (including radiant ring, ceramic and halogen), solid plate cookers such as Aga®, Rayburn® and induction cookers.

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